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All Spacewise refrigerated/temperature controlled containers are capable of precisely controlling
temperatures from between -35°c to +30°c.

10FT Refrigerated Containers

Unique to the 10' size, this container is available in a 3 phase model and a single phase model.

20FT Refrigerated Containers

This by far is our most popular refrigerated/temperature controlled container. Widely used by most supermarkets throughout the UK. This unit has a decent floor space of up to 10 euro pallets per layer.

40FT Refrigerated Containers

This unit really is the superstore of refrigerated / temperature controlled containers! It has a huge floor space capable of storing up to 20 pallets per layer.

10FT Shipping Containers

10ft shipping/storage containers are ideal for smaller storage requirements when you need to keep things stored securely outside and protected from the elements. Constructed using marine grade steel with double door locking bars and a padlock cowl.

20FT Shipping Containers

Internal storage capacity of a 20ft shipping/storage container is 33 cubic metres. Typically this 20ft shipping/storage container has a similar capacity of a single garage and capable of storing the average contents of a 3-bedroom house.

40FT Shipping Containers

The largest capacity shipping/storage container available. The internal capacity of our 40ft shipping/storage container is 67 cubic metres, or the size of a extra double length garage (massive internal space!).

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